Stockholm Mega City - Plots for sale

Buy cheap lands with great value in this estate and watch your land appreciate every month - guaranteed.

A well organized city is coming to Ureghin community, Upper Airport road, Benin City, tagged Stockholm Mega City. Oh yes. It is unique, first of its kind. Invest now and watch your money grow. It is no longer news that landlords grow rich in their sleep.

From the estate

 Major roads meet in the estate – Airport road, Ekewan road, Sapele road, and road to Gelegele Seaport.

The estate company will tar the road from Ekenwan road to Sapele road. It is already expanded 100 feet wide, for the purpose of dual carriage way in the nearest future.

Price: Starting from N900k per plot

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Phase 1

Made up of 3,250 plots. The estate has many well defined network of roads. There is a street in every 200ft stretch of land and also a road in every 500ft stretch.

The Layout

Residential district,

Commercial district,

Industrial district.

Zones for parks and other recreation centers have been marked out. In the heart/center of the City, is a massive roundabout(about 300plots reserved for this). This is significantly bigger than the popular ring-road in Benin City. Shopping Malls and other businesses are located here.

LANDMARK FEATURE: A river runs through the estate and Ogba river is outside the estate.

Did you Know?

There is a burrow pit in the estate, where developers can get supplies of sand for construction.


  1. 24/7 Electricity from private power plants, renewable/solar energy
  2. Structured drainage system,
  3. Perimeter fencing ,
  4. Good road network,
  5. Adequate internal security, CCTV and High tech Access Control Systems,
  6. Internal postal Service